How to make mayonnaise using egg yolk powder


How to make mayonnaise using egg yolk powder



  1. Sunflower liquid oil             143 g
  2. Salep (CMC)                       3.75 g
  3. Corn starch                               4 g
  4. Water                                     110 g
  5. Egg yolk powder (click to buy egg yolk powder)    2 g
  6. Mustard powder                     1.3 g
  7. Sugar                                       19 g
  8. Salt                                            4 g
  9. Vinegar                                    25 g
  10. Lemon juice (10 drops)          0.7 g


To making homemade mayonnaise using Egg yolk Powder (Baran Caspian powder food industry product) :

First pour a small amount of cooking oil into the glass, then add the starch and salep and stir the contents of the glass until it is completely dissolved and uniform. Mixing water, sugar and salt, then add mustard powder and egg yolk powder in to it and stir, then increase the mixer speed to medium, and add the oil little by little. Continue stirring until the sauce is formed, and finally add the vinegar and lemon juice, and stir again until the sauce reaches the desired concentration.

How to make lettuce & walnut salad

Ingredients :

  1. Lettuce bolt : 1/2 head
  2. Cucumber , N: 4
  3. Green apples, N: 2
  4. Red cabbage : 1/2 head
  5. Celery stalk  :   adequate amount
  6. Walnuts,  N: 6


How to prepare salad

Chop 1/2 head of a medium lettuce bolt, and chop 4 medium peeled Cucumbers, then  Add 2 chopped green apples, in following using a medium chopped red cabbage, In the next step, chop the middle stalks and fresh leaves of celery and add it to the salad with 6 walnuts.

Now you can add your homemade sauce to the salad.