Yolk powder peculiar to confectionery

Yolk powder peculiar to confectionery

Yolk powder peculiar to confectionery

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Procured from a healthy and fresh liquid yolk and is a proper alternative to egg in foodstuffs

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Food industries, bakeries and confectioneries are major districts which have more demand for yolk powder. Moreover, existence of lecithin in yolk, aids to monotonous distribution of oil in the paste of biscuit and leads to formation of a stable emulsion. And because biscuit is a production with low humidity, in the most sections of the world, the yolk powder is used instead of fresh yolk in order that yolk powder is mixed with other powder combinations so that the mix will be done more easily and fast. Besides, yolk powder because of existence of more carotenoid in it, has more power to create yellow color in biscuit. So, our company with the help of the specialists of research and development unit and with modern methods, has presented the production of a specialized and absolutely applicable yolk powder.

The application of yolk powder peculiar to confectionery:

Used in industries such as (cake, cookie, sweets, biscuit, junkets, different kinds of ice cream specially, winter ice cream), and by housewives for easing the cooking.

Reformation of yolk powder:

Mix well 450 g of yolk powder with 550 g of water (one portion of powder+ ½ portion of lukewarm water), to be equal to one kilogram of liquid yolk or 56 numbers of eggs. 
Each one kilogram of yolk powder is equal to 2,250 kilograms of liquid yolk.

General specifications

Packaging material
Polypropylene cellophane
Standard badge
Health license or certificate badge
100 g – 5 kg – 10 kg


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